[Artist's picture] St. Mary's Brass

St. Mary’s Brass, under the Artistic Direction of Jeffrey Silberschlag is in residence at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and is part of the Tidewater Ensemble which was founded 25 years ago. St. Mary’s Brass performs in various combinations of instruments and perform modern works, as on this recording, and traditional repertoire. Its members have premiered works for Brass by composers such as Luciano Berio, Hans Werner Henze, Morton Gould, and William Thomas McKinley. In addition to their appearances with the St. Mary’s Brass its members hold positions with, and have performed with the American Symphony Orchestra, United States Marine Band, Naval Academy Band - Annapolis, Kennedy Center Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony, National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic, New York City Opera - National Company, and the Italian Radio/Television Symphony Orchestra RAI-Torino.

Larry Edward Vote, conductor
Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor/trumpet
John Dent, trumpet
Phil Snedecor, trumpet
Bryan Bourne, trombone
Richard Clark, trombone
Jeffrey Lang, French horn
Anthony Valerio, French horn
Michael M. Bunn, tuba

S022591CD - Hearing the Call

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