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Tatyana Ryabchikova, composer/pianist

Tatyana Ryabchikova was born in Ukraine. At the time she composed her first piece she was 9 years old. By the time Tatyana Ryabchikova graduated with honors from the Odessa State Conservatory of Music majoring in Piano Performance and Composition she was a mature composer. Her interest in the Ukrainian folk and classical music as well as her interest in new age music has grown over the years. She has won several composer's contests and with it an opportunity to perform both her own and other Ukrainian composers' works in concert.

Ms. Ryabchikova holds a prestigious position on the faculty of the Odessa State Conservatory. Tatyana Ryabchikova's works such as her Violin Sonata, pieces for saxophone and piano, her Symphonic Poem "The Cipher" and other works have become widely known in Ukraine. She performs constantly in her native country and abroad promoting Ukrainian music and Ukrainian culture.

S022570CD - The Monogram
S022571CD - Gutzul Watercolors

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