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S022587 Echoes of Goya

FANFARE September/October 1999 Page 400 by John Bauman

ECHOES OF GOYA William Feasley (gtr) SONORA S022587CD (58:02) FERANDIERE Minuet. Allemanda. Rondo. Contradanza de los Currutacos. SOR Grand Solo, op. 14. GRANADOS Goyescas: Interrnezzo and Tonadilla. GILARDINO Soledad. CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO Caprichos de Goya, op. 195: Book I; Book 3

Oregon-born William Feasley studied guitar in Mexico City. He later studied and received awards at the Peabody Conservatory. In 1980 he played in AndrCs Segovia's last master class. Since then he has concertized widely and teaches in DC and Maryland. His varied program is extremely well played and recorded. I was especially taken by his reading of the Grand Solo by Sor, which is both vigorous and brilliant. If I have any regrets, they are because he plays only 12 of the 24 Caprichos de Goya of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, one of the major guitar composers of this century. Written in the period 1961-67, it was one of his last major compositions. The Caprichos illustrate some of the 80 satirical prints that Goya published in 1799. As only three of these works are otherwise available at present, Feasley's disc is an important addition to the repertoire. The guitarist provides his own exceptionally informative notes.

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